Thank you for your registration, as soon as we get your payment confirmation we will update our networks with your details. 

You will be required to give up to five photos of your work and information about your studio, Website, Instagram and Facebook.

The price of the booth is 690€ (VAT Included). We won’t upload your details into the website until the payment is done.

In each booth, we will include a weekend pass for the tattooist and another one for a helper. In case of needing more passes, you can buy them, when you fill the form in “Artists Register” up to a maximum of two extra with a small fee of 20€ each.

We would like to inform you that the sizes of the stands will be 2x2m., space for one tattooist only. The working area will be equipped with a wash basin with non-manual controls, soap and napkin dispensers, a table, two chairs and a table outside the booth to display your books.

The following material will be given when doing your accreditation:

1 Foot pedan bin

1 Pack of paper towels

1 Hand soap dispenser with Clorhexidine 4%

1 Surface disinfectant

1 Hand sanitiser

1 Skin sanitiser with Clorhexidine

1 Litre Sharps bin

1 Box of gloves

3 Pairs of sterilised gloves

3 Sample packs of vaseline

3 Tongue depressors

5 Blister packs of four ink caps

3 Razors

3 Lap cloths

5 Single use aprons

3 Protective face masks

10 Protective arm covers

10 Plastic cups 100ml.

An information booth will be set up where we will have the informed consent forms. You will have to take your customer to this booth, in order to sign the form and to be given the wristband which confirms that the procedure is appropriate.

  1. All the participants will have to be members of a studio, which is properly legalized in its country.
  2. The stands that have been set up for making tattoos will only be used to tattoo, no piercing can be done and no piercing or tattooing material can be sold in these booths. It is expressly prohibited to tattoo children under the age of 18, as well as people with any kind of mental disability.
  3. Before making a tattoo, an informed consent form, which will be provided by the organization, will be given for the customer to approve and sign.
  4. The organization will provide surface disinfectants for you, to clean the working area before and after every work.
  5. Only available and single-use materials are used. There will be no sterilization room.
  6. The organization will provide a special container to collect sharp residues and it will pick it up the last working day, for it to be incinerated by a company recuited for this purpose.
  7. It is expressly prohibited to have food or beverage in the booth.

The booth accreditations will be done on Thursday, September 30th. from 4pm. to 9pm. in order to avoid unnecessary queues and delays the first convention day.

Please take care of all the furniture that you will find in your booth. It is not allowed to fix anything with materials that cannot be easily removed (such as double-sided adhesive). You can use conventional material.

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    The stand measures 2x2m and its price is 690€ (VAT included)

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    1 Helper 690€2 Helpers 710€3 Helpers 730€

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