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BAUM FEST, the only European festival that mixes tattoo with urban art and culture.

BaumFestival 2019

Around 18,000 people visited the Fira de Barcelona to enjoy a multitude of new urban trends and expressions: tattoo, motorbikes and custom cars, graffiti, Break Dance and All Style battles, street sports (BMX, rollerblading, skateboarding, callisthenics), concerts and different shows related to the most influential art and culture such as Japanese or Viking.

More than a thousand tattoos were made in the three days of the only Spanish convention that brings together so many international tattooists, 60% of them coming from abroad. 

More than 600 artists from different disciplines displayed their art over the course of the event.

Barcelona, 6th October 2019. –BAUM FEST ends its 8th event (22nd Barcelona Tattoo Convention) once again showing the significance of the world of tattoo, not only as culture and a way of life, but also as an established form of artistic expression, no less worthy than other disciplines. The level of creativity which is maintained year after year at BAUM FEST underlines the respect that tattoo has gained in artistic and cultural terms, and it perfectly complements the classic aesthetic attributes inherent in the art.

Designs, needles and ink were used to create more than 1000 tattoos in just one weekend, and most of these were large-scale creations. The objective is to bring the most renowned figures on the international tattoo scene to their followers at BAUM FEST. Around 18,000 visitors came to Pavilion 8 at Barcelona´s emblematic trade fair venue on the 4th, 5th and 6th October, confirming the festival as the largest urban culture event in Spain.

Many of these visitors were also able to see or be tattooed by some of the most important international tattooists such as Colin Dale, an artist with Canadian and Scandinavian roots who was here in Spain for the first time. He has revived some of the long-lost tattooing traditions from Nordic, Native American and Inuit cultures, using the hand poke technique. There was also Deborah Cherrys – an internationally renowned Spanish artist, Viviana Calvo – a new Spanish talent, the American Teresa Sharpe, winner of the second series of the television show “Best Ink”, Jee Salayero an outstanding Spanish artist who is known for his Illustrative and Neojap style, also the American Nikki Simpson, who is known for tattooing detailed female faces in black and white with touches of colour. In total there were more than 300 artists from over 30 different countries.

The artists who support the “Tattooists for Peace” initiative were tattooing all weekend at the “Tattoos for Aid” stand. Almost 2.000 euros was raised for charity through this initiative and related schemes. All the money will go to the NGO “Por una sonrisa lo doy todo” to support their humanitarian aid project in the Syrian refugee camp in Tripoli (Libya). So far, the initiatives promoted by the NGO have provided schooling for orphaned children and youths and given them access to sports through football.

“Just as you do not need to be a painter, or want to paint, or want to buy a painting, in order to appreciate a Miró in a museum, you do not need to have tattoos or want to be tattooed to come to the expo”.
Mik Garreta, Convention director.

Not all the visitors wanted to get tattooed. Many of them also came to see the many parallel activities on offer at BAUM FEST (Barcelona Art & Urban Movement).

There were some outstanding shows and displays, all of which were related to urban art and culture. These included street dance and sports in the EXTREME zone where the eighth edition of the Breaking BBoy Battle & Allstyles competition, now established as one of the best on the Spanish urban dance circuit, took place. There was a total of 220 participants from all over Spain and from Europe. There was also a BMX championship “Money 4 trick” which was a great success and attracted a total of 120 participants, there was the roller-blading contest InLine, with 38 participants and Skate, a skateboarding tournament with 35 participants. The Kelwod Beat Your Style competition – one of the most freestyle aspects of street sport, based on Calilsthenics, an excercise system which uses the weight of the body itself to train the muscles. There was also Street Workout, a socio-sports movement (which now has its own Federation) which fuses technique and spectacle. These competitions were new to BAUM FEST this year and attracted 30 participants.

The philosophy of the event is to continue to be freestyle as a base to find the essence of cultural movement.

The Baum Fest Bike Show is now established on the Iberian Peninsula. This 2019 edition had an exceptional jury including Francesco Mattioli (Italy), an international bike builder and member of the International Master Bike Builders Association; Kirk Taylor (USA), an American builder from the California Custom Design Studios workshop; Frank Burguera (Spain), a technical instructor at the Harley-Davidson University Europe, Pete Pearson from Rocket Bobs (UK), Neil Blader, director of the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building, all of whom remarked on the high standard of this year´s show. As usual, prizes were awarded for the best bikes in the following categories: Modified Retro, Café Racer/Scrambler, OEM Modified, Free Style, Best of Show and Best of Paint.

The mechanical section of the SALESIANS DE SARRIÀ EPSS school participated in the Junior Biker Build-Off (Jung’s buttery), where young builders worked on motorbikes donated by some of the greatest makes in the market for the three days of the convention.

The afternoon of 6th October also pulsed with excitement at the new and interesting shows on offer: a display by the historical combat group Brokkar Lag BCN (with various styles of Medieval European combat), a Show by Imua Polinesia featuring an exclusive performance by Kawika Alfiche, a great champion of Hawaiian culture and director of the Kaululehua Hawaiian Cultural Center, an exhibition called Graffitis 8.6 by Montana Colors and another entitled Sumi-e by Alberto Castiñeira, known as Hasu Art.

Just as in previous festivals, the final event was the eagerly awaited Tattoo Competition with the categories The Best of the Day and The Best of Show.



There was a competion for artwork to find the best tattoo design to launch the next Limited Edition 8.6 beer.

  • Spanish edition winner: artist Dimoniatattoo.
  • French version winner: artist Adri Anomia, from Anomia Tattoo.



Tattoo Competition “Best of the Day” – Friday 4th October


  • Astin, from Astin Tattoo studio, Cordoba.
  • Debora Cherrys, from La Mujer Barbuda studio in Madrid.
  • Chris Primm, from The Grand Reaper studio in San Diego (California).


Best tattoo of the day

  • 1st Prize – Maria Egea, tattooed by Laura Egea from Musa Tattoo, Cuenca.
  • 2nd Prize – Jordi Postigo, tattooed by Kike Esteras from Black Ship Tattoo studio, Barcelona.
  • 3rd Prize – Petra Donthova, tattooed by Lilian Raya from Manos Sacras studio, Mexico.


Tattoo Competition “Best of the Day” – Saturday 5th October

  • Astin, from Astin Tattoo studio, Cordoba.
  • Debora Cherrys, from La Mujer Barbuda studio in Madrid.
  • Toni Donaire, from Bhorn Tattoo studio, Barcelona.


Best tattoo of the day

  • 1st Prize – Angle Escribano, tattooed by Fede Gas from Fede Gas Tattoo, Seville.
  • 2nd Prize – Manuel, tattooed by Roger Mares from Malibú Tattoo studio, Barcelona.
  • 3rd Prize – David tattooed by Oash from Old Boy studio, Madrid.


Tattoo Competition “Best of the Day” – Sunday 6th October

  • Astin, from Astin Tattoo studio, Cordoba.
  • Debora Cherrys, from La Mujer Barbuda studio in Madrid.
  • Toni Donaire, from Bhorn Tattoo studio, Barcelona.

Best tattoo of the day

  • 1st Prize – Maika, tattooed by Laura Egea from Musa Tattoo, Cuenca.
  • 2nd Prize – Alex, tattooed by Oash from Old Boy studio, Madrid.
  • 3rd Prize – Abraham, tattooed by Italo Esquivel from Italo Esquivel Studio, Colombia.

Tattoo Competition 6th October “Best of the Show”
Angel Escribano, tattooed by Fede Gas from Gas Tattoo, Seville.



Baum Fest winners and finalists:

Sisters, in the category Allstyles Kids 2vs2.

Ganadoras Allstyles kids 2vs2
Good Vibes, in the category Breaking Kids 2vs2.

Braking kids 2vs2
Calima Life, in the category Allstyles 3vs3.

Allstyles 3vs3
Freshits, in the category Breaking 3vs3.

Breaking 3vs3
A total of 220 dancers performed at BAUM FEST.


Baum Fest winers and finalists:
Junior Category
1st place: Lluc Brunet
2nd place: Pau Sala
3rd place: Marc Diaz
BMX Park Male Category
1st place: Bernat Rigau
2nd place: Pol Díaz
3rd place: Mati Lasgoity
BMX Park Female Category
1st place: Rebeca Davila
2nd place: Ana Puerta
Best Trick Mini BMX Category
Winner: Liam Andreu

Deporte extremo ganadores 2019
Best High Jump Funbox Category
Winner: Bernat Rigau

Deporte extremo ganadores 2019

Best of Show – Best BMX Street Category
Winner: Maycon Duarte

Deporte extremo ganadores 2019
A total of 120 BMX riders competed at BAUM FEST.

InLine Rollerblading competition
Best of Show: Ernest Bretones.
Best of Show: Christopher Khan.


Kelwod Competition Beat Your Style: Calisthenics and Street Workout

1st placed team: Hazme una tortilla

  • Victor Casado Ortega
  • Alfredo Picchi Lopez
  • Lluis Viladecans Bosch

2nd placed team: Nauel Team

  • Jonathan Jimenez Cañaveral
  • Asem Marc Bacha
  • Fabio Quijije Mendoza

3rd placed team: Dision Workout

  • Dani Porras Muñoz
  • Sergi Llorente Alcaraz
  • David Yaguana Lentefuela



Once again, the best custom chassis designs appeared at Fira de Barcelona, the winners were:

  • Kirk Taylor from Custom Design Studio, San Francisco builder, California (USA)
  • Pete Pearson from Rocket Bobs (UK)
  • Francesco Mattioli Member of the International Master Bike Builders Associaton “IMBBA” (IT)
  • Frank Burgera, from California Motorcycles, Technical instructor at Harley Davidson University
  • Neil Blader, director of the AMD World Championship of Custom Bike Building (UK)


Modified Retro Category
1st Prize – Mario Kyprianides from Chopper Kulture, name of the motorbike “Just Add Violence”
2nd Prize – Gerard de Bandarra, from Motor Classic, name of the motorbike “La Benita”
3rd Prize – Jon Álvarez and Juan Brange from Buit Customs, name of the motorbike “Alpina 350 CR”


Café Racer/ Scrambler Category
1st Prize – Pablo from D’S Motorcycles, name of the motorbike “Penelope”
2nd Prize – Víctor from Voodoo Garage, name of the motorbike “XVR 1100”
3rd Prize – Nicks Motorcycles Company, name of the motorbike “CB 750 Akuma”


Modified OEM Category
1st Prize – Agustí from AC Calella Custom, name of the motorbike “Breaking Limiti”
2nd Prize – Joaquím and Marta from Easy Riders Workshop, Girona, name of the motorbike “Low Rider Unlimited”
3rd Prize – Deniz Rodriguez from Bobber Garage HM, name of the motorbike “Racer Bitch”


Free Style Category
1st Prize – German from German Derbidson, name of the motorbike “Trescientos”
2nd Prize – Juan frin Crazy Dreams, name of the motorbike “The Mean Apple”
3rd Prize – Gerard from Bandarra Motor Classic, name of the motorbike “Vulcan 800”


Best of Show Category
Pablo from D’S Motorcycles, name of the motorbike “Honda 1500 Super Sport”

Ganadores Bike Show 2019
Best of Paint Category
Juan from Crazy Dreams, name of the motorbike “Gringa”

Ganadores Bike Show 2019



International Tattoo Convention of Barcelona.
When: From Friday October 4th to Sunday October 6th, 2019.
Hours: from 12:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Friday, from 12:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on
Saturday and from 12:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. on Sunday.
Location: Fira Barcelona, Gran Vía Plaza España, Hall 8.
Price: 15 euros Friday ticket .
20 euros Saturday ticket.
18 euros Sunday ticket.
30 euros Saturday and Sunday ticket.
40 euros, three-day ticket.
Free for children up to 12 years old.
There will be interesting discounts on early ticket sales: http://baumfest.com/tickets/

Web: www.baumfest.com



BAUM FEST and GRAUM FEST were born through Urban Line Concept,´s commitment to disseminating the arts of tattoo and urban culture. After more than 20 years, their director, Mik Garreta, works tirelessly so that the festivals will continue to be leading events in the sector; open to the expression of multiple urban currents, where some of the most prominent tattoo artists can meet and are able to carry out their work responsibly and in optimal hygienic-sanitary conditions.

Urban dance and street sports are now an established part of BAUM FEST, demonstrating the management´s clear commitment to uniting different artistic trends, respecting their history and focussing on their essence. BAUM FEST is a live art festival. More than 300 dancers participate, from all over the world and more than 120 athletes participate in the street sports, playing a fundamental role in our festival and in the city of Barcelona.

Mik Garreta, director of the International Tattoo Convention of Barcelona, continues, together with Urban Line Concept, SL, to be responsible for GRAUM FEST and BAUM FEST, his clear intention is to promote and disseminate one of the most ancient arts still alive today: tattoo.

The participation of Mao & Cathy Tattoo Artists and Two Anchors Tattoo Parlour “is key to the guidance and participation of national and international artists in BAUM FEST and GRAUM FEST. Our intention is to bring all these artists to the studio and organize art exhibitions, in the way of conventions”, says Mik.

The minimum age for tattooing at the convention is 18, although in Spain it is legal from the age of 16 and even earlier if the parents authorize it. The organization is committed, however, to greater responsibility.


Interviews, accreditations, high resolution images and more information:
Gessica Cambi e-mail: prensa@baumfest.com
Tel. 661 324 980

Elisenda Pineda e-mail: elisendapineda78@gmail.com / prensa@baumfest.com
Tel. 656 475 724

Main partner of BAUM FEST 2019: Beer 8.6

Partner principal BaumFest2019


Event organized by

Organizadores BaumFest2019

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